Xperteyes Screen Shots

The main window of the viewer

The treeview at the left side gives an overview of the collected information. The content view at the right is currently showing the contents of the root directory of the system.

A treemap view of the failures

A treemap is a new view of a tree, showing a lot of information in one screen.

Each branch of the tree is represented by a cilindrical figure. The size of each branch represents (in this case) the number of failures in that branch plus those in its children. The colour of each branch represents the context(s) of the failures in the branch. The yellow shows some internet configuration failures, the red colors represents problems in the base OS, etc.
The root of the tree is the biggest cilinder, horizontally layed out, on the background. Its children are put crossed on their parent, and so recursively.

Xperteyes: have an expert look at your system, and see the results.