Are you looking for control over your computers and applications?
Are you afraid of the EDP auditor?
Are you an EDP auditor yourself?
Do you want to check that your back-up machine is a correct copy of your server?
Do you want to know what a new program will change on installation?

You are looking for our audit product, Xperteyes.

Xperteyes is a flexible tool for reading, checking and viewing the configuration of your systems.
The tool collects the properties of all the files, the user database, the network configuration, the contents of the directory service, etc.
All these properties can be tested; checking the value in itself, or referencing other properties of any object in this collection or in a related one.
The results of any collection can be viewed in a graphical browser, making it easier to interpret the results.

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Xperteyes: have an expert look at your system, and see the results.