X|support Active Directory Assistant

The Active Directory Assistant is a solution for large environments with mixed Windows and Macintosh servers and clients. The assistant makes it possible that the user administration is stored in only one place, and that the user home directories can be used both from Windows and Macintosh clients.

Active Directory is the extensible directory service used by Microsoft Windows 2000 and 2003. It is used to store information about users as well as configuration data for applications and servers.

With some extensions to Active Directory, it can store the information that is needed to use it with MacOS X. This makes it possible to manage MacOSX and Windows user information in a central location and using a single user interface.

The 'Active Directory Setup Assistant' can be used to configure a Mac as a client for an Active Directory Server. In combination with the X|support User and Groups plugin this makes it possible to conveniently maintain information about MacOS X users in an Active Directory.

The Active Directory Assistant is a licensed product. You will need to register with us (see later) to receive a temporary license. After you pay, a permanent license is sent to you. The license is bound to the Active Directory domains; a two-domain license costs 175 euro. Additional support costs 275 euro.

The Active Directory Assistant can be downloaded as a .zip file containing four files:

ADA_MAC.msiWindows Installer File
assistant.10.2.dmgMacOS X disk image for MacOS X 10.2
assistant.10.3.dmgMacOS X disk image for MacOS X 10.3
Install.txtInstallation guide

Unpack the zip file, read the installation guide and install the packages on the relevant machines.
Note that you need to choose the correct disk image for your Mac, the contents are incompatible with the other version of the OS.

ada.zip Pricing Register a license

If you have any questions about this product, please contact support@xsupport.nl.