Active Directory Assistant pricing

The Active Directory Assistant is not for free. You may download the tool for free, and you can register to get a 45 day demo license. During this period, you can test it and try it. Please do this in a test (or at least non-critical) environment. Your business process should not suffer from introducing a new tool. If you have any problems, or you want more information, don't hesitate and contact us: we are willing to help you.

Software license

To use the tool in a business environment, please buy a license. Our pricing is based on the number of server you want to use it. If the server domains are named within your internet domain name, e.g., and, we give discount. We also have a site-license.

2EUR  175
4EUR  350
4 in one internet domainEUR  275
6EUR  525
site licenseEUR 2000


We offer support on the tool. If you have a problem, we will try to find a solution or a work-around within 5 working days. Support will cost EUR 275.

Register a license ADA intro

If you have any questions about this product, please contact